Volumised Waves

Volume krullen

Deze ultra zelfverzekerde stijl heeft kracht voor overdag en glamour voor 's nachts, met een textuur over het hele lichaam die ontworpen is om indruk te maken.
step image

Prep your canvas

Start by drying the hair with the Hot Tools Professional Volumizer on easy to control sections using the classic large brush attachment. Elevating the Volumizer, work from underneath the hair and gently glide from root to tip to add powerful volume.

step image

Express your creativity

After separating the hair, use the Hot Tools Professional Curl Bar to curl each section. Alternate between twist wrapping and flat wrapping techniques to create defined ‘S’ shaped waves with ultimate body. For a longer-lasting curl, secure each section of hair with a clip or roller.

step image

Finish your masterpiece

After allowing the waves to set and cool, remove any clips or rollers and brush the hair in different directions with a soft bristle dressing brush. Finish your voluminous look with a mist of flexible hairspray for movement.