Full blowdry

Volledig Geföhnd

Gedurfd, mooi en veerkrachtig met een vleugje va-va-voom! Deze showstopping style geeft het haar dat volume mist een lift.
step image

Prep your canvas

Start by drying the hair with the Hot Tools Professional smaller size Volumizer attachment on easy to control sections. Work from underneath the hair, elevating the Volumizer to add extra volume and maximum root lift.

step image

Express your creativity

Taking larger sections, wrap the hair around the barrel of the Hot Tools Professional Evolve 25mm Styler and gently close the irons. Allow your silky locks to glide through to the ends in one smooth motion for a bouncy finish. For a longer-lasting shape, secure each section of hair with a clip or roller.

step image

Finish your masterpiece

After allowing the hair to set and cool, remove any clips or rollers and brush the hair through with a soft bristle dressing brush, following the subtle wave down. Occasionally backcomb the hair from underneath to create extra padding and fullness. Allow the shape to form and finish with a mist of flexible hairspray, using a hair dryer for an even coating and effortless style.